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The Apple Tree Programme


Our curriculum supports infants to learn through caring relationships and routines in a predictable and unhurried environment. The infant’s key teacher works closely with their family to respond to their changing needs and provide a range of play experiences that encourage learning in authentic and meaningful ways.

Under 2’s

Educators work alongside children to support their greater capacity to engage in social relationships and competency in communication and oral language. We provide opportunities for children to begin to express their feelings and start to develop important social skills such as empathy, cooperation and self-regulation. The child’s key teacher works with their family to build on the child’s strengths, passions and curiosities and create a foundation for lifelong learning. 

Over 2’s

As children grow through our programme, they are encouraged to develop increased responsibility and independence, allowing for autonomy and competence. The child’s key teacher works alongside their family to challenge the child’s thinking, problem solve, make choices and take calculated risks. We encourage children to develop their own identity through their strengths and abilities while also fostering empathy, respect and a greater understanding of the wider world.

Pathways to school

As children grow through our programme they are encouraged to develop increased responsibility and independence allowing for autonomy and competence. The child’s key teacher works alongside their family to challenge the child’s thinking, problem solve, make choices and take calculated risks. We encourage children to develop their own identity through their strengths and abilities while also fostering empathy, respect and a greater understanding of the wider world.

Philosophy & Mission

To create a warm, calm and loving environment. Giving children the best opportunity to flourish and grow. For that reason, we've created a home away from home.

The Apple Tree Curriculum

We pride ourselves in the provision of a holistic curriculum that encompasses the principles and goals of Te Whariki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum. At Apple Tree we encourage and support a life-long love for learning. Our curriculum allows for facilitated and self-directed learning, self-initiated spontaneous interactions and experiences that engage the children, as a whole. Problem solving, determination and empathy are interwoven with the essential building blocks of literacy and numeracy – all within a caring and encouraging environment.

Language and Literacies

Apple tree provides a rich emergent literacy programme. We support the development of communication skills and strong oral language as this is directly linked with experiencing success when learning to read and write. Teachers encourage the development of foundation skills that support literacy such as conversation, vocabulary, story comprehension, print knowledge and sound awareness.


Children are born scientists and are curious about the physical environment and make meaning through their exploration and conversation with others. At Apple Tree we encourage and support children’s curiosity by introducing children to the ways scientists think about and investigate the physical environment.  We make science learning visible through conversations, thoughtful questioning and documentation. Children learn strategies for active exploration, thinking and reasoning. They also develop working theories for making sense of the natural, social, physical and material worlds.

Working Theories

Through children’s natural curiosity and innate urge to learn, they develop working theories that help them understand their world. Apple Tree provides the opportunities to enquire into, refine and make meaning of their working theories through interest based play that challenges children’s thinking and promotes critical thinking and problem solving. Working theories are pivotal to learning and development and the development of lifelong learning.

School Readiness

At Apple Tree Childcare we strive to empower children with the love of learning. We support children with self-help skills to prepare them for a smooth transition from Apple Tree to school.

As your child approaches school, an information pack on the transition to school and school readiness will be shared with parents. We also celebrate your child’s journey at Apple Tree with a graduation ceremony. Children that have started school are always welcome to visit their friends and teachers and to share their experience.


What to expect?
Upon enrollment a number of visits will be organized to start the transition process before the child starts their booked hours. These visits allow the child to become familiar with the environment, develop relationships with the teachers and to practice the drop off and pick up routine. Our teachers are experienced in helping children through this settling process and work alongside families to find strategies to help with this process.
What do I need to bring?

At Apple Tree, children will explore a range of things, 2-3 changes of clothes are important. If your child requires formula, please supply this and nappies.


  • Sunhat
  • Sunscreen
  • Togs


  • Winter hat
  • Warm jacket
What is your teacher to child ratio?

Infants- teacher to child ratio of 1:3

Toddlers- teacher to child ratio of 1:4

Preschool – teacher to child ratio of 1:7

My child has allergies, can you cater to this?

Yes, Apple Tree has a long history of supporting children with allergies. Please speak to your centre manager about your child’s specific needs.


What Our Families are Saying


Being the first time parent and raising my son abroad, I not only need to consider whether my child can settle well in a new environment, but also I was concerned about the language challenges (as we speak Mandarin at home) and cultural differences.


I’m very thankful for the effort the teachers at Apple Tree have put in creating a ‘home away from home’ for my precious one. He has developed so much confidence and has formed a strong bond with a number of teachers.


第一次做家长并在国外养育我的儿子,我不仅需要考虑我的孩子是否能在新的环境中安顿下来,而且我还担心语言挑战(因为我们在家里说中文)和文化差异。 非常感谢Apple Tree的老师为我的宝贝创造一个“家外之家”而付出的努力。他建立了更强的自信心,并与多位教师建立了牢固的信任

Nicky and Nicko - Noelle's Parents

Our daughter Noelle came to Apple Tree when she was 9 months old, and stayed until she turned 5. In that time she laughed and learnt so much with the other kids and teachers. We could not be happier with the kind, loving and nurturing staff, and how they prepared Noelle for the transition to primary school. To quote Noelle, “Apple Tree is the best. 100 out of 100”. As parents we felt supported, at ease and knew Noelle was spending each day somewhere that brought her joy. Apple Tree felt like a home away from home for Noelle, and our whole family made lifelong connections with the staff and other families there. As well as foundational numeracy and literacy skills Noelle learned valuable life skills, emotional literacy, independence, confidence, and interpersonal skills that we still see her enact each day. The staffs at Apple Tree always look for the unique values, talents and personalities of the kids and encourage them to grow their sense of self. We feel lucky to have shred many special years with the Apple Tree whanau.


Michelle- Kate's dad

The Apple Tree Childcare Centre is a perfect place for our little girl Kate as the teachers are very lovely and friendly and provide a loving environment for her to grow and develop. Every day she spends time with people who genuinely care for her and support her in having fun and growing as a little person. We are really happy with the standard of care our daughter receives from the Apple Tree and want to thank for the assistance and care of her.

Kylie – Spencer's mum

My Son had never been under any one else’s care other than mine and my husband’s since he was born. Apple Tree pre school is the perfect fit for our family. With the amazing great teachers and staff, our son was able to have a very smooth transition and we’ve noticed so much growth in him since starting. The staff are so attentive, nurturing, loving and caring with all of the children and the centre always has a warm homely feel which really makes it a home away from home. They offer great activities, art projects, the perfect amount of structure/routine including mat time, meal times and fun outside in the most amazing outdoor area as well as beginning academics to help the kids get introduced to school. I would never want to send my child anywhere else. We have complete peace in mind every day our son is here, which exceeds all of our hopes for what a daycare could be. We wish they had a school program, we would never leave. Highly recommend to all of our family and friends.