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140 Archers Road, Glenfield

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Apple Tree Preschool Glenfield Auckland | Our Events

Once a week Apple Tree Preschool offers music lessons by a specialised music teacher where our children experience a special world of songs, music and movement. Once a week we have a French lesson by a specialised French teacher. Our children enjoy exploring new languages and learning about different cultures.

Our children enjoy playing in the adjacent park where they spend some time exploring nature. Twice a year our children will have the chance to go on trip to children attractions such as the Zoo, Butterfly Creek, Motat or Kelly Tarltons where we can extend their interests and learning.

Our Christmas/End of Year Party is one of the biggest functions that Apple Tree Childcare Centre celebrates each year with their children, parents and whanau. We offer a variety of different activities to celebrate this special day.

Starting school is another milestone we wish to celebrate with our children. We have a graduation ceremony/party for each child when they are ready to move on to school.