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Apple Tree Preschool Glenfield | Policy

Sick Policy

Apple Tree provides a safe and healthy environment, therefore we are unable to look after sick children. Children need to be kept at home if they have any of the following symptoms:

  • High temperature
  • Inflamed throat or eyes
  • Unidentified rash
  • Upset stomach or diarrhoea

We will contact parents immediately if their child falls ill during the course of the day. Your child will be isolated from children and kept comfortable with a teacher until his parents arrive. If your child's illness is communicable the centre requires a doctor's release statement. If a child is sick and cannot attend, normal fees will be charged.

Medical Records

Parents are asked to supply their child's immunisation records during their enrolment and. Teachers need to be authorised to give medication to children. Parents are required to sign the medicine book and give the authorisation to teachers. Please do not leave the medicine in your child's bag. Medicines must be labelled with the child's name, doctor's name, name of medication, dosage and when to be taken.

Special Needs

A conference will be held between parents and the supervisor to determine the best methods required to serve the child throughout the day in the centre. If we cannot meet your child's needs, alternative care will be suggested.

Arrival and Departure

When bringing your child to the centre make sure your child is left safely with one of the staff members before you leave. Your child will be allowed to leave the centre only with those authorised adults named in their Enrolment Form. There is always a certified first aid teacher with first aid equipment. All bumps and injuries are recorded in our accident book and reported to parents. In times of emergency, if it is in the child's best interest, he/she will be transferred to a hospital and parents will be contacted immediately.


Our day will include painting, outdoor play and eating. Please provide your child with an extra set of washable clothing. It is important that clothing is appropriate for the weather. Please label your child's clothes to prevent loss.


We provide our children with educational toys and would appreciate if you do not send toys to the centre, except when your child is still attached to favourite toy or blanket.


Apple Tree has full kitchen facilities. Food exceptions can be made only for medical reasons. Parents will be informed of what their child has had that day in their daily diary. We provide the following;

  • Morning snacks that contain grain and fresh fruits
  • Nourishing and healthy midday meal
  • Afternoon snack